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Part of the mess of the so called worship wars is from this whole age thing. People too young who believe that 'praise and worship' (I hate the term but am using it anyway) music was the only way to go and ignored the people 20, 30 or 40 years older than them. Anytime you do this it leads to people feeling irrelevant and always, always adds tension. When tension like this grows even in the church, especially in the church people take sides and never give it up. The whole way it was handled by both sides served to segregate church's into 'traditional' and contemporary, by the way I do not like either of those terms...the bottom line is that it is contemporary if you are doing it today, no matter what music style you choose, but back to the point...At any age we need to learn to listen to one another and their life experiences, a church with nothing but young people misses the influence of older stable believers, a church with nothing but older misses out on the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the younger people..We need to ask what is important to you and then ask why...we need to hear each others voice..The bottom line and many churches have caught this vision is that the best worship is in the middle; a little of both, a little compromise...we all need each other to complete the family of God, as younger people start out in ministry life would be a lot smoother and God would get a lot more done if we just took time to listen and acknowledge that some older folks, maybe not big time older than us, but older, have some pretty solid thoughts....I kind of went all over the place on this one, unless someone responds I am heading in another direction....maybe it is getting too late....


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