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Back after a nice Sunday at church and home, why we even got to take a nap!...Okay we are talking about things that inspire us, we have dealt with books and so now we are moving to movies. This list is long so I am going to try and just give a word or two about each one. I don't like to watch movies that don't touch me or speak to me in some way. Here are a few movies to get us started. Again this list is not in any particular order:
1) Remember the Titans, sports movie but great as far as showing how a group can be brought together by the right leadership.
2) It's A Wonderful Life, shows how the little things in life can make a big difference and how taking care of others leads to love and appreciation.
3) Family Man, I have really started enjoying this show lately, reveals how important the decisions we make are and how they can effect our life. Puts to rest the 'grass is always greener' theory. The older I get, the more I appreciate this one.
4) Facing the Giants, great Christian movie. I can really relate to some of this story and just good clean stuff. Has too many messages to go into in one blog.
5) Amazing Grace, I love the story and this one may inspire me more than any of the others. Encourages standing up for what is right no matter what, encourages staying with it even after defeats. Calls me to stay with the cause and not listen to the nay sayers...good stuff.
6) Apollo 13, this one is my favorite, inspires me, entertains me and reminds me of my youth growing up in the Apollo era. Great teamwork movie, courage movie, love the way his wife sticks up for him in the movie (mine would do the exact same thing). I watch it often....

That is the deal, I watch this movies to keep me focus and inspired. We need that in our life. If anyone drops in you can throw what you like out, but not just like, but what motivates you, what inspires you...heading off..Remember tomorrow is Memorial Day, thank God for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms...

Media Motivators

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I am back to interact with myself for a while, the subject is media motivators and we are supposed to be moving to Movies that inspire...First let me tell you of the three books I am into right now; the first is Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life. I am using this one for my life work at the moment and it is very good. The subtitle is rethinking ministry to the poor and this book really makes you do that, making it very good for me as I work with the people in Southeast Dallas. The author is Robert D. Lupton...The other is Dare to Dream by John C. Maxwell and has some real insight into making your dreams reality, great motivational quotes in this book. Not a long book wouldn't take you long to read it. I read half of it while getting my car washed; yes the car does look good washed....The last one is A Resilient Life by Gordon MacDonald. Very very good book here. He returns to his teenage days and speaks of a running coach that taught him how to look at the big picture in life. I really believe sports in high school and younger can help people grow disciplines and learn how to set and reach for goals. That is a side note, the subtitles for this book are "finish what you start/persevere in adversity/ Push yourself to your potential. Our society and I must say myself has some issues with each of those and could use a little help. I bought this book for 2.50 at Mardells, what a bargain. They have a million books on sell for next to nothing. Well maybe not a million but a bunch...okay movies next time, I am off to check out some very special additions to the Harris family; twins born many months premature but 18 months later doing great...

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Thought I would see if blogging can be done holding a 5 month old, it appears it can be done....okay the last book we will talk about (I use we loosely!) is one that has nothing to do with spiritual things. As a matter of fact I try to read at least one book, normally historical in nature, a year, that is not about spiritual things. My favorite book of all time is Issac's Storm. It is a story about the Great Hurricane in Galveston in 1900. It is so well written by Ken Larson you feel as if the wind is blowing through your hair and the rain hitting your face. This book does inspire me since that is the topic of the moment; it reminds me of how a few moments can define a life. We need not take any moment for granted, they are all important......Okay so much for books I am going to move to movies that inspire...feel free if you want to jump in...

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Next book would be the most obvious, the far as literature goes who can beat it; great stories, wonderful poetry, exciting adventure, it has it all...but we are not talking about great books we are talking about books that inspire. Still the Bible can't be beat. It is filled with stories that inspire me, David facing down the giant in the valley, Daniel standing up for what is right no matter the consequences, Moses going eye to eye with Pharaoh, Jesus not taking any guff from the religious of his day and my all time favorite Elijah on Mt. Carmel...The Bible never ceases to inspire me....

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These books will not be in any specific order, there is not a number one etc. The first book that has motivated me for the past 20 years is a book called Holy Sweat written by Tim Hansel. It is filled with great quotes and a system that you can work in order to get the most out of your life. The subtitle on the cover of the books says it all, "The remarkable things ordinary people can do when they let God use them!" It is an easy read and like with all my motivational books, I read it often.....

Number two is Soul Survivor by Phillip Yancy. This is a must read for me every year. Yancy is a writer, of course, but was turned off of church by his experience in a ultra conservative church growing up. He left the church for a while but found his way back. He uses the pages of this book to tell how 12 people influenced his life and in some way helped him in his spiritual walk. Great book and you would be surprised with some of the people he chooses. Keep in mind this is someone who has had the privilege too be around some great folks, but not all of the people in the book are people he knew personally. This book also gives reference books on the people he tells about and has led me to find other good books to read. My favorite books by the way are about real people and their the way this book always makes me think of the people who influenced me and thank God for sending them in my life. This is always a good exercise.

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Before we get going too far here: Speaking of motivation I have been reading about the Special Olympics of Texas. They are having their big event this weekend in Arlington Texas. The weekend is busy but I am thinking of getting the family over to do some cheering. They say they need some folks to cheer people on. Something tells me that would be a pretty good motivational moment for those of us who supposedly have it all together....It starts tonight and ends on Sunday. No way we can go tonight or tomorrow but with no Sunday night church that might be a good day...okay over to Media Motivators on the next blog I guarantee it...By the way for those who do not know me, my seventh child and youngest was born with Down syndrome four years ago; making things like Special Olympics something I check on. Her name is Gracie and she is like the rest of my children, the greatest. I am thinking we will get some conversation on that some day.

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I am going to be sitting at the desk today for the first time all week, doing some writing, making some calls and getting my head together for a huge weekend. So I decided I am going to blog today and if that means talking to myself so let it be, I have been doing that for years!...Today's subject is going to be on things that motivate me and you (if you wish to join in)....For example lets talk about books, movies and music...I believe we will start with the books that best motivate me. If you happen to read this let me know what your media motivators are...Motivating books coming on the next blog.

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This is my first blog and is mostly a test. The weather feels good outside, we are about to start a busy day of church. The quite moment is the calm before the storm....Wonder why babies always sleep better on Sunday morning than any other day of the week? I will see you around soon as I get the hang of bloging...we will cover some important stuff and some not so important stuff...