Media Motivators

Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:03 PM

I am back to interact with myself for a while, the subject is media motivators and we are supposed to be moving to Movies that inspire...First let me tell you of the three books I am into right now; the first is Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life. I am using this one for my life work at the moment and it is very good. The subtitle is rethinking ministry to the poor and this book really makes you do that, making it very good for me as I work with the people in Southeast Dallas. The author is Robert D. Lupton...The other is Dare to Dream by John C. Maxwell and has some real insight into making your dreams reality, great motivational quotes in this book. Not a long book wouldn't take you long to read it. I read half of it while getting my car washed; yes the car does look good washed....The last one is A Resilient Life by Gordon MacDonald. Very very good book here. He returns to his teenage days and speaks of a running coach that taught him how to look at the big picture in life. I really believe sports in high school and younger can help people grow disciplines and learn how to set and reach for goals. That is a side note, the subtitles for this book are "finish what you start/persevere in adversity/ Push yourself to your potential. Our society and I must say myself has some issues with each of those and could use a little help. I bought this book for 2.50 at Mardells, what a bargain. They have a million books on sell for next to nothing. Well maybe not a million but a bunch...okay movies next time, I am off to check out some very special additions to the Harris family; twins born many months premature but 18 months later doing great...


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